Thursday, September 12, 2013

Figuring out Fall TV - Thursdays

It's fall TV season again, which means decisions! How ever will you keep up with your old favorites while packing in a bunch of new shows that may or may not have a chance of making it? I'm here to help, breaking down each day hour by hour, letting you know what you should watch, what you should avoid, and how exactly you're going to fit it all in.

In general, I'm focusing on the four main broadcast networks (ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox) as well as HBO, Showtime and a few other pay cablers. New shows are in bold.

Thursdays offer another packed night, mostly with new comedies.

8 p.m.
Once Upon a Time in Wonderland (Oct. 10, ABC)
Big Bang Theory/The Millers (Sept. 26, CBS)
Parks and Rec (Sept. 26)/Welcome to the Family (Oct. 3, NBC)
The X Factor results (Sept. 12, Fox)

If you watch "Once Upon a Time," chances are you'll watch the spinoff. As for the comedies, I have no sixth sense about either "The Millers" or "Welcome to the Family." Reviews for both seem to be all over the map. "The Millers," about a guy whose recent divorce inspires his parents to do the same, has a solid cast in Will Arnett, Margo Martindale and Beau Bridges. The premiere is full of fart jokes, but that doesn't seem to deter a lot of critics. "Welcome to the Family," available now on Hulu, is about two disparate families who have to learn to get along after they find out their kids are having a baby. It features Mike O'Malley, who's always good for something. This bloc is going to be trial and error.

9 p.m.
Grey's Anatomy (Sept. 26, ABC)
The Crazy Ones/Two and a Half Men (Sept. 26, CBS)
Sean Saves the World (Oct. 3)/The Michael J. Fox Show (Sept. 26, NBC)
Glee (Sept. 26, Fox)
White Collar (Oct. 17, USA)

Big-name actors vying for your attention. "Sean Saves the World," with Sean Hayes, is getting the least love. "The Michael J. Fox Show" will be hard to say no to, because it's Michael J. Fox. Plus, it's already guaranteed a full season. "The Crazy Ones" sees Robin Williams' return to television as an ad man teamed with his ad-woman daughter Sarah Michelle Gellar. This one will depend entirely on your Williams threshold -- i.e., how well you can handle mania. (Times two, actually, because the show is created by David E. Kelley.)

"Grey's Anatomy" fans: It's Sandra Oh's last year. Soak it up.

10 p.m.
Scandal (Oct. 3, ABC)
Elementary (Sept. 26, CBS)
Parenthood (Sept. 26, NBC)
Covert Affairs (Oct. 17, USA)

You should watch "Parenthood." That is all.

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