Friday, July 19, 2013

Video: "Arrested Development" season 4 review

Having season 4 of "Arrested Development" on Netflix should have been a beautiful thing. The streaming service resurrected one of my favorite all-time sitcoms, and made it so I could binge watch the heck out of it. So I knew something was off when I stopped after a few episodes, then begrudgingly, over a span of weeks, picked off the rest one by one.

In the video below, where I'm joined by Herald sports reporter and fellow "AD" fan Tommy Wright, I talk about why the season disappointed me so. The highlights:

-- It's clever, but not funny. One way to explain this is to say that the payoffs were not worth the setup. Mitch Hurwitz did a fine job of writing to the Netflix format -- where shows are meant to be watched in quick succession -- but seeing George Sr. act weird in episode X, then understanding why he acted that way is episode Y, does not retroactively make X's events funny.

-- Maybe the characters aren't likable enough to have a whole episode to themselves.

-- Longer episodes = more unnecessary stuff.

-- Too much narration.

It's nice that Jason Bateman was nominated for an Emmy, but this was not the season for it.

Jump to 13:14 below for more of my thoughts.

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